ECSS 2013 Vortrag: Using the European Severe Weather Database for climatological analyses

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Wie lässt sich das Datenbankmaterial der Europäischen Unwetterdatenbank ESWD für klimatologische Auswertungen verwenden? Diese wissenschaftliche Arbeit gibt Aufschluss darüber.

ECSS 2013 Vortrag: Using the European Severe Weather Database for climatological analyses

Pieter Groenemeijer and Georg Pistotnik

Poster im PDF-Format:

With the establishment of the European Severe Weather Database (ESWD), a single source for European extreme weather data has become available to the research community. Now that the data set is steadily growing at a rate of over 5000 events per year and consists of more than 50000 events, time is due to assess how well the ESWD lends itself for climatological analyses.

It will be shown that daily and seasonable frequency distributions of events can be derived in a relatively straightforward manner. Also, the peak season of severe weather across Europe can be identified for most areas. However, absolute quantitative results are challenged by spatial and temporal inhomogeneities of the ESWD reports.

It is therefore useful to be able to identify "reliable" subsets of data across which such inhomogeneities do not prevail. In order to do so, reanalysis data (ERA-Interim) were used to compute macroscopic atmospheric variables like CAPE and deep-layer shear and related to the probability of severe weather via a logistic regression.

The results indicate that the reporting rate of severe weather events is reliably high across parts of Central Europe and that the estimated number of unreported cases in early times is large. In many eastern European countries, this situation still continues up to the present day.
Zur Info: Die ECSS (European Conference on Severe Storms) ist eine alle zwei Jahre stattfindende Veranstaltung des ESSL (Eoropean Severe Storms Laboratory), bei der sich Meteorologen aus Europa und weiteren Kontinenten bei Vorträgen, Postersessions und im Rahmenprogramm austauschen können.
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