Need help from you guys for my Dissertation

Diskussionen rund um Kurz- & Mittelfristprognosen und Wetterentwicklungen

Need help from you guys for my Dissertation

#1 Beitrag von Williamhawk » Donnerstag 5. Oktober 2017, 15:29


I have always been obsessed with weather, and in particular, extreme weather events. I have been visiting net weather daily for almost 9 years, and have been a member since 2008. There is nothing more exciting for me then to anticipate and experience unusual weather events such as extreme snowfall, heat waves and storms.

It would therefore make sense if i were to write my dissertation on extreme weather. However I have yet to decide on the title, and this is where I need help from you guys. I would like to write something to do with the frequency of extreme weather events occurring within the UK, and whether this is due to climate change. However, the title has to be way more specific then that, and this is the bit I am struggling with. Bare in mind the title has to enable me to conduct a significant amount of research.

Any comments, discussion or suggestions would be welcomed!

Thanks a lot.

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